[dns-operations] Google Public DNS and round robin records

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Sun Jul 22 18:07:57 UTC 2012

On Jul 22 2012, Mark Jeftovic wrote:

>Am I right in thinking that Google public DNS simply does not cycle the
>multiple records on a round-robin host. There have been a few threads on
>this (i.e. google "round robin")

In fact for A or AAAA records it apparently always returns them sorted
by address. The order seems to be consistent for other record types,
but it isn't so obvious just what it is.

One can certainly consider this to be an unfriendly act on Google's part.
The safer thing to have done would have been to use a new random order
(better than "round robin" any day) for each response.

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