[dns-operations] registering multiple IP addresses for glue

风河 mail at nsbeta.info
Fri Jul 20 07:27:40 UTC 2012

Hi Jim,

Rather than godaddy is there any other registrar support that?

> On 20 Jul 2012, at 07:59, 风河 wrote:
>> But with other registrars like Networksolutions and Namecheap, I can 
>> setup a nameserver with only one IP.
>> I have a NS domain in Networksolutions, how to resolve this problem 
>> rather than transfer it into godaddy?
> You can't. Move to another registrar who does offer the service you 
> need. [It doesn't have to be godaddy.] For bonus points, tell 
> NetworkSolutions why you're doing that. If enough paying customers 
> take their business elsewhere, NetworkSolutions will eventually get 
> the message and fix things.

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