[dns-operations] How to transfer DS records to parent zone?

Olafur Gudmundsson ogud at ogud.com
Sat Jul 14 16:06:57 UTC 2012

On 13/07/2012 17:36, Rubens Kuhl wrote:
> Em 13/07/2012, às 18:19:000, Jason Gurtz escreveu:
>> My parent is .com and in searching around I found a whole lot about what a
>> DS record is, but nil on the operational aspects of it.
>> May a zone administrator transfer their DS record to the parent zone to
>> establish the chain of trust, or is it such that only the registrar can do
>> this on behalf of the zone admin? My registrar's doc is saying something
>> about working with Tucows openHRS platform to enable this transfer but not
>> yet and use dlv...
>> I guess I'm looking for some process at Verisign similar to the nice
>> little dlv registry thingy that ICS set up (which is working splendidly,
>> thanks) :)
> ICANN has a list of DNSSEC-enabled registrars here:
> https://www.icann.org/en/news/in-focus/dnssec/deployment
> For .com, they list AB Name, Domaininfo, Gandi, GoDaddy, Key-Systems, OVH and SinnerG as registrars you could transfer your domain to and then upload  a DS record.
> Note that Verisign doesn't have process to deal directly with registrants, they only interface to registrars.
> Rubens

I was able to submit my DS records via a registrar that is not listed,
nor has system in place to process DS records.
NetWis is a CORE registrar, and they handled the DS submission via email 
from me, so before you switch check if your registrar will do this via 
manual process or give you a timeline for when you can submit.
Only after they fail/refuse switch, we want registrars to see there is 
demand for DS updates and that people are willing to switch if the 
service is not provided.

Ps: In my case it may have helped that I quoted RFC3658 in my request :-)

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