[dns-operations] l is broken

Miek Gieben miek.gieben at sidn.nl
Thu Feb 9 11:43:55 UTC 2012

[ Quoting Noel Butler at 21:38 on February  9 in "Re: [dns-operations] l is broken"... ]
>    The l.root-server  in Australia is currently U/S

What does U/S mean?

Acronym Definition
u/s     Ultrasound
U/S     Upstream (Process Engineering)
U/S     Underside
U/S     Unsatisfactory
U/S     Upstage
U/S     Unserviceable
U/S     Understudy (theater)
U/S     Under Saddle (equestrian term for a show class that doesn't include jumping over fences)
U/S     User/Station


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