[dns-operations] Question about DNSSEC and .gov domains

Stephen Johnson Stephen.Johnson at arkansas.gov
Thu Feb 2 16:27:00 UTC 2012

The question isn't the first one that came to your mind. Our Chief
Security Officer has been getting told that: 

"Federal officials have indicated that any .gov domains (like states)
exchanging data with the feds will need to be DNSSEC compliant."

I'd like to think that I'm up to date with all of the latest US Federal
Government Rules and Regulations in regards to the State's .gov domains
about any data transfers processes. I have not heard even a hint that
such a requirement is in the works. This is coming from a vendor which
makes me very suspicious of the source. 

I've like to give my CSO an unequivocal answer one way, or the other. So
my question to the community is there any truth to this rumor? Is there
some announcement or new regulation saying that DNSEC is a requirement
for data exchange with the US Federal Govenment that I've missed?
Stephen L Johnson  <stephen.johnson at arkansas.gov>
Unix Systems Administrator / DNS Hostmaster
Department of Information Systems
State of Arkansas

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