[dns-operations] Question about L-Root IP address

Peter Koch pk at DENIC.DE
Fri Dec 28 10:28:41 UTC 2012

Hi Orange,

> I remember the official debut date of M-Root is Aug 22, 1997.
> In the root hint file:
> <http://cvsweb.netbsd.org/bsdweb.cgi/src/etc/namedb/root.cache.diff?r1=1.7&r2=1.8>

I'm not sure where the address mentioned in that hints file ...

-; temporarily housed at ISI (IANA)
+; housed in Japan, operated by WIDE
 .                        3600000      NS    M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
-M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.      3600000      A
+M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.      3600000      A

... comes from, although 198.32/16 has quite some history that Bill Manning might
enlighten us about.  I don't have a copy of root 1997051700, though.

> Kato-san's thesis described the same date. (caution: it's written in Japanese)
> <http://www.nic.ad.jp/ja/materials/iw/1997/proceedings/IPM-PDF/kato.pdf>

Thanks, I got "M" and "" ;-)

> And now, I'm a little bit confused.
> Is your SOA# is "root-servers.net"'s maybe?

The serial numbers are from root zone SOA RRs.

M appeared first with root zone 1997031300

.                         518400     NS    M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.       518400     A

and was then relocated with root zone serial 1997082200

-M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.       518400     A
+M.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.       518400     A

Just for the record, K came in 1997012200 on (twin of J, same
birth date and on until 2002110401) and was later (1997051900?)
relocated to Europe on  Maybe we'd add that detail to the I-D's


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