[dns-operations] Advisory — D-root is changing its IPv4 address on the 3rd of January.

Jason Castonguay castongj at umd.edu
Fri Dec 14 20:02:40 UTC 2012

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On 12/14/12 13:01, Sebastian Castro wrote:
> On 14/12/12 11:54, Jason Castonguay wrote:
> Hi Jason,
>> Advisory — D-root is changing its IPv4 address on the 3rd of 
>> January.
>> This is advance notice that there is a scheduled change to the 
>> IPv4 address for one of the authorities listed for the DNS root 
>> zone and the .ARPA TLD. The change is to D.ROOT-SERVERS.NET,
>> which is administered by the University of Maryland.
>> The new IPv4 address for this authority is
> Have you spoken with OS distributors in order to have this change 
> included in their patch management system? That will make the 
> transition a little bit better.
> Also, do you have plans to capture traffic on a regular basis to
> keep track of the transition process? More than a few researchers
> lurking on this list will be very interested on that data :)
> I'll pass your notification to the New Zealand Community.
> Kind Regards,

I've sent out notice directly to a couple DNS software vendors. I hope
to add more very soon.  I'll include OS contacts based on your
suggestion, thank you.

We are capturing data and are open to working with researchers, there
are a couple on campus here as well. Keith: lets talk soon.

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