[dns-operations] DNS benchmark platform @ OARC

Dave Knight dave at knig.ht
Fri Apr 13 16:25:12 UTC 2012

On 2012-04-13, at 11:17 AM, Matthew Pounsett wrote:

> On 2012/04/13, at 09:13, Ondřej Surý wrote:
>> So we were thinking that DNS-OARC would be ideal platform to prepare
>> methodology for measuring DNS servers performace and it could also do
>> the tests as an "independent" laboratory.
> We've discussed something like this within the board a few times, but have never had the resources to proceed with it.  If the resources are there I'll happily support this, and I suspect others will as well.

I've used OARC servers to perform benchmarking in the past, there was iirc a set of servers dedicated for this kind of testing. If that equipment is still available I'm not sure that significant other resources are required as it sounds like Ondřej is proposing that OARC users, rather than staff would develop the methodology and perform testing and review. That said, I think there's some mileage in OARC investing something in this, as www.dns-oarc.net being a reliable source of opinions on DNS software might encourage a lot more eyeballs toward it. It's certainly information I'd like to have and be able to point others at.


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