[dns-operations] DNS software test!

yzw_iplab yzw_iplab at 163.com
Fri Sep 16 07:48:25 UTC 2011

Yes, I fake the root and use the same set of queries.
However, the results are totally different when TA (top level auth.) uses NSD and SA (secend level auth.) uses NSD.
In my mind, the results should be similar in these two cases.
So, why?



发件人: Phil Regnauld 
发送时间: 2011-09-16  15:35:35 
收件人: Stephane Bortzmeyer 
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主题: Re: DNS software test! 
Stephane Bortzmeyer (bortzmeyer) writes:
> >  Testing one tool at a time, on a known dataset would be the
> >  way to go for recursion (unbound, bind) and authoritative
> >  (bind, nsd).
> For an authoritative name server, I fully agree with you. However, for
> a recursive, it is more complicated: the performances of an isolated
> recursive name server are not interesting, unless you access
> already-cached data.
> I'm not sure we have a nice, sound and realistic methodology to test
> recursive name servers.
Fake root + ensure that you're loading the same data set on a number of 
virtual upstream auth servers, with a large number of zones. May not
look very real, but at least you're testing against the same data set
every time.
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