[dns-operations] Decent DNS traversal tools

Einar Lönn einar.lonn at iis.se
Fri Sep 16 07:48:51 UTC 2011

On Sep 15, 2011, at 5:26 PM, Mike Jones wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Just wondering if anyone knows of any decent tools for checking that
> everything is consistent between DNS servers. I found a few web based
> traversal tools that will follow the full delegation tree (most just
> follow 1 chain), but they have really let me down more recently
> because none seem to support IPv6! Also I couldn't find anything open
> source I could run myself, to deal with the problem that just as I
> seem to find a decent site they go and bring out a "new improved"
> version that requires twice the effort to get it to do anything.
> A few weeks ago I finally got around to throwing together something
> for personal use, which works "well enough" but I would rather find
> something that was perhaps a little more compliant than my quick botch
> job if possible (like following the delegation chain properly instead
> of blindly, following CNAMEs properly, and whatever else I missed -
> DNSSEC support+validation would be nice too for when I get around to
> playing with that).
> https://www.mikejones.in/dns/?hostname=dns-oarc.net&type=ANY
> That's what I came up with to show the sort of thing I mean.
> Thanks
> - Mike

Not sure exactly what you want to look at but we have a BSD-licensed delegation checking tool called DNSCheck that you could either take parts of or just try out straight off (https://github.com/dotse/dnscheck). We also host an instance of this that you can try out without installing anything at (http://dnscheck.iis.se); but it does sound as if you might want to just grab a few of the modules from our Github repository...

DNSCheck handles both dnssec and IPv6 and the policy for errors itself is very easy to change to suit your needs, if you dont want the default quite "strict" dns-standard ones.

	/Regards,  Einar Lönn | .SE

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