[dns-operations] Experience with DDNS (RFC 2136)

Simon Munton Simon.Munton at communitydns.net
Fri Oct 7 15:08:21 UTC 2011

In the case of a master server updating slaves, its much more common to 
use NOTIFY+IXFR. I would have thought that D/DNS would have niche uses, 
for example where there are multiple sources of updates to a zone (e.g. 
PCs reporting their LAN IP Address) or where you only want to update 
individual records (e.g. DynDNS scenario - very similar to the LAN example).

But for updating slaves, I would have thought D/DNS has no advantage 
over NOTIFY+IXFR, but N+I has the advantage of being more tolerant of 
interruptions to the connectivity and has the ability to fall back to 
AXFR for recovery scenarios.

That said, I would imagine that for sending updates from the registry 
database to the master in the first place D/DNS would probably be used.

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