[dns-operations] MX record scanning

Simon Munton Simon.Munton at communitydns.net
Tue May 10 10:19:59 UTC 2011

On 10/05/2011 00:56, Igor Sviridov wrote:
> So far we were not able to confirm if source addresses were indeed
> faked (and it's a DNS amplification attack against spammers, a weak
> one at that), or, reverse, it's a SPAM botnet gathering list of valid
> domains via brute-force; second option does appear more likely.

I've given this some thought - if it was an amplification attack, then 
they would have been more effective to hit domains that exist - NXDOMAIN 
replies give very little amplification.

On the other hand, the very wide spread of source IP suggests its not 
just simple spammer mailings.

very odd!

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