[dns-operations] DNS Use Cases

Wayne MacLaurin wayne at dns-oarc.net
Thu May 5 07:41:12 UTC 2011

Morning folks,

    The RIPE meeting in Amsterdam has been quite interesting.  There are been several presentations and lots of side conversations involving DNS difficulties that would seem to indicate that both DNS vendors and DNS operators would benefit from a broader set of use cases for testing.   

    Sharing configuration information and sample data sets is always going to be a sensitive topic but sharing data is something DNS-OARC is good at.

    If there is sufficient interest from both sides, vendors and operators, DNS-OARC would be willing to host a repository of suitably sanitized use cases.   What exactly needs to be in a use case is going to be a topic of lengthy discussion so we would likely spin up a separate mailing list.  I'm envisioning something relatively simple: a repository of use cases, configurations, and the mailing list for the exchange of requests for help.

   So... is this something worth pursuing ?   Are folks willing to participate ?   Feel free to reply on list or to me directly.

Wayne MacLaurin
Executive Director, DNS-OARC
wayne at dns-oarc.net

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