[dns-operations] Advice sought: moving delegations into child zones

Anand Buddhdev anandb at ripe.net
Sat Mar 19 09:35:00 UTC 2011

Hello DNS experts,

I'm seeking advice on the best way to do the following:

There's a zone Z, which is signed, and over which I have no control.

There's a delegation in it, of the form:

a.p	NS	ns1.example.com.
	NS	ns2.example.com.

There's also an RRSIG for this RRset, because Z is signed. However, none
of a.p is not signed.

What I now need to do is to create a zone p.Z in zone Z, and move the
delegation into to. So what I want in Z is:

p	NS	ns1.another.
	NS	ns2.another.
	NS	ns3.another.

And then in p.Z I want:

a	NS	ns1.example.com.
	NS	ns2.example.com.

I know that without DNSSEC, I can do the transition without any pain.
There would be no disruption of service for a.p.Z. However, since Z is
signed, caches will have RRSIGs for a.p.Z for some time.

What's the best way of doing this transition without causing any
disruption for a.p.Z ?

My initial thought was to go through an unsigned phase for p.Z, ie:

1. Create unsigned zone p.Z
2. Create delegation for a.p.Z in it
3. Ask operator of Z to remove delegation for a.p.Z and replace with
delegation for p.Z
4. Wait for $TTL so that RRSIGs for a.p.Z (from Z) expire
5. Sign p.Z

Is this a reasonable approach?


Anand Buddhdev

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