[dns-operations] IPv6 & IPv4 addresses

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Thu Mar 17 19:02:25 UTC 2011

At 18:40 +0000 3/17/11, George Barwood wrote:

>Well updating DNS servers is a relatively easy thing to do.


>I think resolvers could be allowed to assume the NSEC TTL can be used as the
>negative caching TTL, thus it would normally be equal to the SOA "MINIMUM"

RFC 4035:

# 2.3.  Including NSEC RRs in a Zone
#   The TTL value for any NSEC RR SHOULD be the same as the minimum TTL
#   value field in the zone SOA RR.

>But... I just doubt any of this is going to happen. It's not a big
>enough problem for volunteers at the IETF to devote the amount of time
>to it that would be needed.

It's already been considered, documented, reviewed, published and implemented.

>I guess implementors could do it unilaterally, but that also seems unlikely.

Or, before hypothesizing what could be, reading existing documents is 
an option.
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