[dns-operations] Query to g.root-servers.net/

Cassell, James D CIV DISA NS233 jcassell at nic.mil
Mon Mar 14 12:28:51 UTC 2011


One of our g-root instances was experiencing performance problems caused by
its' receiving an abnormally high rate of queries.  We have taken measures
to correct this specific incident, and are also working on a more general,
long-term solution.

Jim Cassell

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Subject: [dns-operations] Query to g.root-servers.net/
	timing out
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When running the verisign tool


quite often (maybe 1 in ten times) it reports timeouts when querying
g.root-servers.net, e.g.

"Query to g.root-servers.net/ for ./DNSKEY timed out or failed"

I think this has been going on for some time.

My guess is that there may be some kind of network/firewall problem with
g.root-servers.net, although I don't see timeouts when I query directly.

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