[dns-operations] Any surveys about EDNS0 usage?

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Mar 8 20:55:25 UTC 2011

In message <94a69c5a8c55b4a26b383db2daf9f062.squirrel at webmail.aminor.no>, "Eivi
nd Olsen" writes:
> Robert Edmonds wrote:
> > i take this to mean queries with an EDNS0 OPT pseudo-RR generated by an
> > RD=1 initiator ("stub client"), rather than queries with an EDNS0 OPT
> > pseudo-RR generated by an RD=0 initiator ("recursive name server")?
> I'm mainly interested in queries form stub clients/resolvers yes.
> I can see how many EDNS0 queries BIND logs as having received (in the
> statistics output). Yes, some of the traffic is quite possibly also from
> recursive name servers if some customer has configured one to forward
> queries to our servers, but I expect the majority of the queries we see
> come directly from our customers computers running various versions of
> various operating systems, and possibly some queries coming from various
> CPE's acting as DNS proxies.
> In my world, I have no control over the clients, I just have to try my
> best to provide a recursive DNS solution for whatever need they might
> have, whether it's DNSSEC usage, bigger replies to queries, or new usage
> of the DNS for various purposes. And it's all expected to just work
> automagically, without flaws :D

Then just make sure you have clean EDNS paths in and out up to the
EDNS UDP sizes you support.  If your clients have a EDNS problem
then it is at their end.

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