[dns-operations] / also being used as authoritative NSs?

Matthew Pounsett matt at conundrum.com
Tue Mar 8 20:17:45 UTC 2011

Chris Thompson wrote:
> recursive nameservers. This could be explained by the Google
> addresses being
> used as official NSs for some (not heavily used) domain.

On 2011/03/08, at 14:05, Robert Edmonds wrote:

>    liteddos.com.       172800  IN  NS  ns1.liteddos.com.
>    liteddos.com.       172800  IN  NS  ns2.liteddos.com.
>    liteddos.com.       172800  IN  NS  ns3.liteddos.com.
>    ns1.liteddos.com.   172800  IN  A
>    ns2.liteddos.com.   172800  IN  A
>    ns3.liteddos.com.   172800  IN  A

This is true only for very small values of "used."  None of the above three servers answer authoritatively for this zone.. so while google and level3 may be listed in the delegation, I'm not sure I'd say they're being used as authoritative servers.  Considering that it's currently impossible to resolve this zone, it's probably not responsible for any query traffic from Chris's recursive server.

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