[dns-operations] Any surveys about EDNS0 usage?

Eivind Olsen eivind at aminor.no
Tue Mar 8 16:22:14 UTC 2011

Robert Edmonds wrote:
> i take this to mean queries with an EDNS0 OPT pseudo-RR generated by an
> RD=1 initiator ("stub client"), rather than queries with an EDNS0 OPT
> pseudo-RR generated by an RD=0 initiator ("recursive name server")?

I'm mainly interested in queries form stub clients/resolvers yes.

I can see how many EDNS0 queries BIND logs as having received (in the
statistics output). Yes, some of the traffic is quite possibly also from
recursive name servers if some customer has configured one to forward
queries to our servers, but I expect the majority of the queries we see
come directly from our customers computers running various versions of
various operating systems, and possibly some queries coming from various
CPE's acting as DNS proxies.

In my world, I have no control over the clients, I just have to try my
best to provide a recursive DNS solution for whatever need they might
have, whether it's DNSSEC usage, bigger replies to queries, or new usage
of the DNS for various purposes. And it's all expected to just work
automagically, without flaws :D

Eivind Olsen
eivind at aminor.no

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