[dns-operations] [DNSSEC] Looking for a zone verification tool

Sebastian Castro sebastian at nzrs.net.nz
Wed Mar 2 04:10:59 UTC 2011

On 03/02/2011 08:24 AM, Miek Gieben wrote:
> [ Quoting Stephane Bortzmeyer in "[dns-operations] [DNSSEC] Looking f"... ]
>> * ldns ldns-verify-zone: works fine on a test zone that I rendered
>> deliberately invalid. Seems to run forever on .FR (which is signed
>> with opt-out so has only 40 signatures). Twenty minutes of Intel Core
>> 2 CPU and still running. Fails requirment 4
> Looks like this hangs on figuring out what is glue. 
> I think if you add an option (-d delegation only zone) which defines:
>     all A/AAAA records which don't have the same owner name as the soa
>     record are glue.

I took this idea, changed ldns-verify-zone and run some benchmark.

Tested with two zones with ~25000 delegations and one with ~350000
delegations, the -d option runs 20% faster.

On the small zones, takes less than 1 minute to run, but on the big zone
takes more than an hour, so is still unacceptable.

The patch is attached.

> you can speed this up.
> grtz Miek

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