[dns-operations] reverse DNS for DHCPV6 and PD's

Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Sat Jun 11 05:34:26 UTC 2011

Once upon a time, Paul Vixie <vixie at isc.org> said:
> as long as customers who have business grade connections can get a PTR
> that matches their A/AAAA i'm fine with having it default to "none".
> from postconf(5):
>        reject_unknown_client_hostname
> 	      Reject the request when 1) the client IP address->name
> 	      mapping fails, 2) the name->address mapping fails, or 3) the
> 	      name->address mapping does not match the client IP address.
>                 ...

IMHO this rule should only be applied on MTA connections, not submission
(which should be authenticated with SMTP AUTH).  Then it is only mail
servers that need reverse DNS (and that should be non-generic).
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