[dns-operations] Monitoring DNS Servers

Don Nightingale dnightin at wellesley.edu
Thu Jun 9 16:26:35 UTC 2011

We use nagios to monitor and send alerts for our bind dns servers.    
Works great.

Don Nightingale
Wellesley College

On 6/7/2011 12:49 AM, david klein wrote:
> I have just inherrited my company's DNS infrastructure, which uses
> turn-key BIND-based appliances, with Windows 2008 servers running
> Microsoft's DNS service as bind-slave-style backups (the reasons for
> this are purely political). The appliances provide a robust monitoring
> capability, using SNMP. Does anyone here provide DNS services using
> the DNS service in Windows 2008, and if so, how do you monitor it? For
> many of the same political reasons, monitoring with MOM/SCOM would not
> be an option.  I have considered using System Edge agent and
> monitoring in our NMS, though a lower-cost, easier to manage solution
> would be preferable. I come from a mostly Cisco and Linux background,
> so the idea of a platform not having an SNMP agent is a little
> surprising.
> Thanks,
>   -DTK

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