[dns-operations] Monitoring DNS Servers

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Tue Jun 7 16:10:19 UTC 2011

At 8:31 -0700 6/7/11, Wes Hardaker wrote:

>Unless the service is instrumented with SNMP, which many services are.
>DNS, however, is not generally one of them.  Though I thought there was
>a DNS vendor that did provide a private set of their data and made it
>available over SNMP.  But I don't remember who.

FWIW, the IETF obsoleted the DNS MiBs years ago.

Not commenting on whether SNMP monitoring of DNS was a good idea or 
not, just that the "document action" happened.  RFC 1611, 1612, and 
3197.  First two in 1994, latter was published in 2001.

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