[dns-operations] New subscribers

Jeff Taylor shdwdrgn at sourpuss.net
Thu Jan 6 19:32:39 UTC 2011

Hi folks -

I'm Jeff Taylor out of Colorado, US.  I've been working with the OpenNic 
project for several years running various services and generally trying 
to help improve the project.  I do a lot of scripting in bash and PHP.  
I'm good at coding back-end functionality, but I stay away from the 
front-end visual aspect (knowing my limits).

Another member of the project recommended I join this mailing list due 
quite a number of DNS attacks via my servers since this Summer - 
initially spoofing IP's within my local subnet, but most recently 
they're just hammering my server directly with "isc.org ANY" queries.  
If this topic is suitable for this group, let me know and I'll open up a 
new thread with details.

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