[dns-operations] online version checks

Michael Graff mgraff at isc.org
Mon Jan 3 20:48:48 UTC 2011

On 12/31/10 6:54 AM, Joe Greco wrote:
> If we're discussing wishful thinking, it'd be nice to have a queryable
> flag in the nameserver, maybe alongside the VERSION.BIND stuff.
> UPGRADE.BIND -> available, required
> This doesn't work, however, for nameservers that don't have access to
> the public Internet.  For those cases, it'd be more practical to have
> a way for a network monitoring system to discover whether or not a
> given version of BIND needed to be updated.

A little of both seems good.  I really like the UPGRADE.BIND query, and
will have to see about getting that in the works.

I don't think we would make this sort of system tricky to implement in
an external monitoring system.  If that system knew the versions, and it
could query the public internet, then it could easily find the same data
and match the items up.


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