[dns-operations] Planned IN-ADDR.ARPA Nameserver Change

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Feb 18 13:40:54 UTC 2011

On Feb 17 2011, Joe Abley wrote:

>On 2011-02-17, at 10:38, Chris Thompson wrote:
>> On Jan 31 2011, Joe Abley wrote:
>> [...]
>>> On Wednesday 2010-02-16 processing will begin to change the nameserver
>>> set to the following, as described in RFC 5855:
>>> A.IN-ADDR-SERVERS.ARPA (operated by ARIN)
>>> B.IN-ADDR-SERVERS.ARPA (operated by ICANN)
>>> C.IN-ADDR-SERVERS.ARPA (operated by AfriNIC)
>>> E.IN-ADDR-SERVERS.ARPA (operated by APNIC)
>> I see that not only has this happened, but that IN-ADDR.ARPA is now signed
>> as well. There is more info at http://in-addr-transition.icann.org/ as Joe
>> indicated in the original post.
> Indeed. The IN-ADDR.ARPA zone has not yet been dropped from the root servers,
> so the work is not quite complete. We expect to insert a DS record for
> IN-ADDR.ARPA into the ARPA zone a week or so after the last root server
> drops the zone. At that time all ARPA children will be signed.

But today we seem to have reverted to the [12-out-of-13].ROOT-SERVERS.NET
nameservers and an unsigned version of the zone :-(

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