[dns-operations] Taste of future - DSC2

Rickard Dahlstrand rickard.dahlstrand at iis.se
Wed Aug 17 12:55:11 UTC 2011

Hi Ondřej,

Have you had a look at our new tool PacketQ  https://github.com/dotse/packetq/wiki , it's really fast for processing PCAP-files offline, eats SQL-queries directly and might give you a more flexible solution for processing the traffic.

We have build a solution the runs statistics on the collected PCAPs every 5 minutes and stores them as .JSON-files. PacketQ can then process these JSON for a day, week, month or year in seconds and feed these using AJAX/JSON to a simple jQuery-GUI.

I recently recorded this screencast to show off some of the capabilities, it's available here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70wJmWZE9tY


17 aug 2011 kl. 14:42 skrev Ondřej Surý:

> Hi,
> this is really WIP, but you can taste what we are working here
> based on the last year discussion on the future of DSC:
> http://devpub.labs.nic.cz/dsc_ng/test_dygraph/
> Works best in a modern browser.
> The graphs there are based on the real data from DSC collector,
> which are imported into the PostgreSQL database and presented
> on top of the Django framework (go, go, Python).
> We plan to implement more eyecandy like graph mashups, and more.
> It's not the "show the code" quality yet, but we will release
> the source code to play with in few weeks.
> O.
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