[dns-operations] Know any DNS folks looking for work?

Mark Pettit mark at pettit.org
Wed Apr 13 01:01:39 UTC 2011

Hi, folks.  I'm a DNS engineer at Yahoo!, and we are looking for a mid-level or junior sysadmin / DNS guy to work in our production operations DNS team.  If you know someone or you'd like to find out more, please contact me off list.

I don't know the policy on the list for actually posting job listings (I couldn't find anything about it at http://lists.dns-oarc.net/ ) so I won't post the actual link here.

I hope this isn't too unwelcome, but I figured this is the perfect place to go to find sysadmin-type folks with an interest in DNS who'd like to join our team.

My contact info:

Mark Pettit
mark at pettit.org


perl -le '$"=$,, at _=(1)x4, at a=(0,4,5,4),map+($_<<=6)+=13, at _;for(0..3
){$_[$_]+=1<<$a[$_]if$_;$_[$_]+=$a[$_]}$_[3]+=10,print map chr, at _'

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