[dns-operations] [DNSSEC] A "lame" DS record: operational problem or not?

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at nic.fr
Tue Sep 14 13:18:30 UTC 2010

I recently saw  a "lame" DS record in the root (a DS which goes to a
non-existing key):

be.                     73924   IN      DS      3961 8 1 30FC582FE64CA122064D92FF6DF3EC8383A1E987
be.                     73924   IN      DS      3961 8 2 72863CE93E5D4CEFE529D32BE7484056442DEA804D8F0769522CDB18 1C86F0E5

Key 3961 is not published (see it graphically at

I've reported and discuted the issue with the .BE people but I have
doubts: could it be a real operational problem? Unbound and BIND
apparently can validate .BE just fine. Section 2.4 of RFC 4035 is not
clear about what a validating resolver should do in that case. 

mentions pre-publishing DS, so .BE seems legal.


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