[dns-operations] DNS Traffic Archive Protocol

Robert Edmonds edmonds at isc.org
Tue Nov 30 20:55:05 UTC 2010

Ondřej Surý wrote:
> we are building a DNS archivation protocol to reduce the size of raw
> dnscap/pcap packets.  Since we are going to opensource that, I
> wonder whether there is an interest for defining the properties of
> such protocol, ie. what to store and what not, etc.
> We will then use this to store all the traffic on the authoritative
> servers for .CZ on a long term basic (possibly never delete the
> data).
> The idea is that we could possibly feed this to DSC if there is a
> need for a new aggregated statistics.  Also a tool to convert the
> "compressed" data to pcap format so it can be fed to other tools
> will be prepared.
> I'll prepare short summary of what we have to the date if there is
> an interest to discuss it further.

hi, ondrej:

i'd be quite interested to hear more details.  if your primary goal is
to reduce the size of your raw pcap archives -- while still being able
to convert back to pcap format -- i don't see how you could improve on
the pcap format by more than a small constant factor.

Robert Edmonds
edmonds at isc.org

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