[dns-operations] dictionary lookups

George Michaelson geeohgeegeeoh at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 13:19:50 UTC 2010

It might be an ARIN source IP, but this is Australia calling. 

Elsternwick is so specific..

23-Nov-2010 11:06:47.029 queries: info: client  
query: elsternwick316-320roadglenhuntly.ca IN NS -
23-Nov-2010 11:06:47.119 queries: info: client  
query: elsternwickacentre.ca IN NS -
23-Nov-2010 11:06:47.189 queries: info: client  
query: elsternwickandbigginscott.ca IN NS -
23-Nov-2010 11:06:47.209 queries: info: client  
query: elsternwickandcity.ca IN NS -
23-Nov-2010 11:06:47.249 queries: info: client  
query: elsternwickandflight.ca IN NS -

Elsternwick and Glen Huntley put this into Victoria, Australia.


tear apart, put in google. top hit is a domain stuffer web


	Chemist Warehouse
	316-320 Glenhuntly Road
	Elsternwick VIC 3185

so, its an australian GOOGLE whacker, boosting page hits somehow.


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