[dns-operations] uspto.gov

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Tue May 18 13:31:28 UTC 2010

On May 18 2010, Edward Lewis wrote:

>At 16:30 -0400 5/17/10, Dave Knight wrote:
>>I just sent email to the address in the SOA RNAME for uspto.gov, pointed to
>>the list archive for this thread and received a response 3 minutes later
>>from someone already aware of the thread and the issues.
>I'm glad you posted this - I tend to forget the RNAME and what it is 
>meant to be used for.

I tend to try SOA.rname first, if only to avoid fighting my way through
the whois maze. When it doesn't work, and if I eventually make contact
with the zone owner, I tell^Wask them to fix it...

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