[dns-operations] uspto.gov

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon May 17 19:26:34 UTC 2010

> I view this issue as pointing to multiple underlying contributing 
> problems with federal (dot gov/dot mil) domains:

psg.com:/usr/home/randy> doc -p -w uoregon.edu
Doc-2.2.3: doc -p -w uoregon.edu
Doc-2.2.3: Starting test of uoregon.edu.   parent is edu.
Doc-2.2.3: Test date - Mon May 17 19:25:11 GMT 2010
ERROR: NS list from uoregon.edu. authoritative servers does not
  === match NS list from parent (edu.) servers
   ERRORS found for uoregon.edu. (count: 1)
Done testing uoregon.edu.  Mon May 17 19:25:13 GMT 2010

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