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Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at neustar.biz
Mon May 17 17:21:38 UTC 2010

At 12:51 -0400 5/17/10, Edward Lewis wrote:
>At 18:20 +0200 5/17/10, Florian Weimer wrote:
>>uspto.gov is signed, but the servers for that zone cannot reliably...
>>Is anybody interested in debugging this?
>Probably their engineers.
>(On the website there are a number of contacts but mostly "mission-related"
>and not support.  I did see this: webmaster at uspto.gov, which is more

Maybe I should clarify (based on a note sent to me privately from 
someone else)-

The list isn't the place to debug this, if the process managed to 
stumble on the correct diagnosis, the list still can't fix the 

OTOH, getting the attention of US gov't IT departments can be 
difficult when trying to report "broken things."  It might make sense 
to try other members of the US gov't whose email addresses you 
already know.  (I.e., if there's someone who can "open a trouble 
ticket" with USPTO.gov, please help.)
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