[dns-operations] Worst current practice example

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue May 4 11:00:09 UTC 2010

In message <a06240800c805a4129567@[]>, Edward Lewis writes:
> At 8:41 +0000 5/4/10, Lutz Donnerhacke wrote:
> >I recently came across of an glue only domain, ...
> Why is this misconfiguration notable?  Yes, mistakes abound.

I don't think this one is notable other than it should be something
that should be picked up in regular checks of delegations by parent
zone administrators and corrected after consultation with the child
zones administrators.  If they are unreachable or fail to correct
it within a reasonable period of time the delegation should be
pulled.  This is not a new requirement.

RFC 1034. 4.2.2. Administrative considerations

As the last installation step, the delegation NS RRs and glue RRs
necessary to make the delegation effective should be added to the parent
zone.  The administrators of both zones should insure that the NS and
glue RRs which mark both sides of the cut are consistent and remain so.

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