[dns-operations] A DNS and network security forced marriage

Ray.Bellis at nominet.org.uk Ray.Bellis at nominet.org.uk
Mon Mar 15 16:29:07 UTC 2010

> As others have already said, this is a pretty invasive approach and may
> backfire in both operational (domains you really need to access) and
> security (too much reliance on this) ways.
> What I'd recommend to you is to push the whole idea from a 
> approach to a detection approach: Try to get query-logs out of your
> recursors (either directly from the nameserver or using some
> packet-capturing setup) and match them against your list of malicious 
> That way, you can work aggressively on cleaning up bot infections, get 
> statistics on false positives without causing collateral damage, and 
> solve the core of the problem (bot infections) and not just try to put
> band-aid on them.


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