[dns-operations] nhc.noaa.gov expired signatures

Dmitry Burkov dburk at burkov.aha.ru
Fri Jun 25 22:28:13 UTC 2010

On 25.06.2010 22:39, Edward Lewis wrote:
> At 10:20 -0500 6/25/10, Ken A wrote:
>> We just worry that your boss wants the iBRB (Internet Big Red Button).
> Hey - Scott's boss is a good guy too. ;)
> Don't know about the boss's boss tho'....

I heard this story a lot of times in my life.
"We are good guys - we keep the situation in touch and so on...  Keep 
us, support us.. and you will have no  problem"
  Nothing new under the moon. And what we have got each time?

Not about Scott - but about this crazy idea with iBRB.


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