[dns-operations] AAAA being added for i.root-servers.net

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 18 11:49:20 UTC 2010

On Jun 18 2010, Doug Barton wrote:

>So in case anyone cares, a new hints file was posted to rs.internic.net 
>at least, on the 17th, with most of the trailing white space removed and 
>AAAAs still in all caps.
>To whoever did it, thanks for getting the new file up so quickly. :)

Indeed so.

Of course, one can always quibble about details. The old versions had
named.root and named.cache each describing themselves as such; both
the new ones describe themselves as named.cache.

What really causes me to smirk when I look at these files, though, is

  ... reference this file in the "cache  .  <file>" configuration
  file of BIND domain name servers

I suggest a change to

  ... reference this file in the "cache  .  <file>" configuration
  file of BIND 4 domain name servers, and by the way you are out
  of your mind if you are still using BIND 4

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