[dns-operations] DNS Queries from some 8.0/16 ranges

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Fri Jun 4 21:01:45 UTC 2010

* Alexander Mayrhofer:

>> I've seen some of this.  It looks like a massive enumeration attempt.
>> Looks like they are querying for all valid A/AAAA RRs they've 
>> found out
>> about and PTR queries.
> Google's recursive DNS servers are "near" that range: They provide
> public recursive DNS on and - and they do pro-active
> "refetching" of records that are near their expiry.

Note that you cannot run an anycast recursor which uses the same
network prefix for the client-side interface and the source of
upstream queries.  It just does not work, and according to my limited
testing, Google doesn't attempt it.  So unless there is further
evidence, I suggest that this is just a coincidence.

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