[dns-operations] _nicname._tcp

Geoffrey Sisson geoff at geoff.co.uk
Mon Jul 26 09:44:17 UTC 2010

jim at rfc1035.com (Jim Reid) wrote:

> On 26 Jul 2010, at 00:38, Jay Daley wrote:
> > And may I take opportunity to remind people of "_nicname._tcp SRV"  
> > to locate WHOIS servers.
> The long-dead draft-sanz-whois-srv-01.txt didn't get very far the last  
> time it was discussed. So what's changed to make it more likely to  
> gain acceptance now?

IIRC, when Marcos orginally proposed this, it was seen as a stop-gap
measure until IRIS was deployed.  Unfortunately hopes for significant
IRIS deployment are fading.

> Oh and I would have expected _nicname._udp to be a wiser choice for an  
> SRV record since most whois queries use UDP.

They do?


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