[dns-operations] .ORG DS in root zone

Shane Kerr shane at isc.org
Fri Jul 23 06:55:43 UTC 2010


On Fri, 2010-07-23 at 10:15 +0900, Edward Lewis wrote:
> At 10:18 -0500 7/22/10, Chris Adams wrote:
> >I haven't seen any announcement, but I do now see DS records for .ORG in
> >the root zone.  I can now test using test.dnssec-tools.org with nothing
> >but the root anchor configured.
> Out of curiosity, what kind of announcement is expected?  Asking 
> because we are considering adding (as in when, not if) our DS records 
> and hadn't planned "to alert the media."

PIR has a page dedicated to DNSSEC:


It also has a blog:


And press releases:


Of course, also possible would be mails to various DNS-friendly lists
(like this one).

OTOH, one could argue that now that the root has been signed a while,
getting a DS put into the root zone is now a non-event, and hardly
worthy of an announcement. ;)


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