[dns-operations] High DNS query levels from certain IPs

Phil Pennock dnsop+phil at spodhuis.org
Tue Jul 6 08:16:58 UTC 2010

I noticed high levels of DNS traffic coming from two IPs which, between
them, make up more than a third of my entire DNS traffic volume.  I
first checked in with one of my contacts, who I secondary for and for
whom I'd added a couple of zones around the time my traffic levels
increased at the end of April.  He sees this.  I checked in with another
contact, who secondaries a disjoint set of domains for me, and he too
sees this traffic.

In both cases, it's repeated resolution attempts for A/AAAA for entries
used as NS glue records.  The queries are coming in with EDNS0/4096/DO
so I'm inclined to think it's not a completely naive client; I tried
disabling NSID to see if that would help, but no.

Is anyone else seeing high levels of traffic from [] and

Source          Query Name            Count      %
--------------- ----------------- --------- ------   nlns.globnix.net       1563   21.1   nlns6.globnix.net       322    4.3   nlns4.globnix.net       320    4.3    nlns.globnix.net        246    3.3    nlns4.globnix.net        68    0.9    nlns6.globnix.net        55    0.7


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