[dns-operations] Storing Dates in DNS

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Fri Jan 22 09:42:21 UTC 2010

Joe Abley (jabley) writes:
> On 2010-01-21, at 21:39, Joseph S D Yao wrote:
> > How about a TXT record with an ISO 8601 standard representation of date
> > and time?
> Or the profile of ISO 8601 described in RFC3339.
> If the use case is to publish the time at which a particular RRSet was last modified, then perhaps you also need to encode the class and the rrtype in there (and I guess if you're using TXT, you'd better not plan to publish the date on which some other TXT RRSet was changed).

	Recursion detected :)

	Because of the way some legacy implementations (who runs those nowadays)
	seem to choke on unknown record types, the TXT 8601 in full profile (as you
	point out) seems to be the cleanest way.


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