[dns-operations] finding the longest encloser

Crist Clark Crist.Clark at globalstar.com
Thu Feb 18 01:13:53 UTC 2010

>>> On 2/16/2010 at 3:50 PM, Jim Reid <jim at rfc1035.com> wrote:
> On 16 Feb 2010, at 22:27, Crist Clark wrote:
>>> The SOA record does not contain the longest existing suffix.  I think
>>> you really need to know that the root is delegation-centric, or that
>>> all delegations have a single label, combined with the SOA trick to
>>> deal with the arpa. special cases.
>> Shouldn't it always contain the longest valid zone? I mean, that's
>> what it's there for right?
> Yes and no. Once upon a time, I was co-author of a draft that  
> suggested using the SOA record in an NXDOMAIN response to find the  
> closest enclosing delegation. This was to be used in ENUM domain names  
> with ~20 labels and could have contain a handful of delegations:  
> walking up the domain name label at a time to find the deepest  
> delegation point (=> "closest" default SIP/PSTN terminator) would have  
> been painful.
> I was told that this was too clever by half and it wasn't acceptable  
> for clients to treat SOA records in this way because they were in the  
> Authority Section. Clients were supposed to only act on whatever was  
> in the Answer Section.

The behavior being discussed seems like something an intermediate
caching server would implement, not something an end client would

I can see saying that stub resolvers really have no need to look
at the auth section, but recursive resolvers use it. If no one is
supposed to use it, what's the point of including it?

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