[dns-operations] I missed the announcement: .ARPA has beendeleted

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Tue Feb 16 23:04:08 UTC 2010

> Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 12:35:09 -0800
> From: "Crist Clark" <Crist.Clark at globalstar.com>
> > note that i would love to be able to express, in root server responses,
> > that "not only does your qname not exist, but the tld that your qname
> > is in does not exist either, and so if you just asked me for foo.local,
> > please do not ask me for bar.local".  and, i would like to be able to
> > do this even without dnssec.  ideally we could just send "local" (in
> > this example) as the response qname, but the way things have evolved
> > the whole q-tuple has to match the original query, so that's out.
> Isn't the information there already, even if it isn't used? If you send a
> query for non-existent TLD, the you get the SOA record for . in the auth
> section of the NXDOMAIN response. If the TLD existed, but the next level
> didn't you get the SOA for the TLD, not the root.

that sounds like it should work but it doesn't.  if IN-ADDR.ARPA is an NS
but ARPA is an empty nonterminal, then you will get an SOA for the root
when you ask for FOO.ARPA, but it tells you nothing of interest.

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