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Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Fri Dec 31 18:23:25 UTC 2010

> > From: Joe Greco <jgreco at ns.sol.net>
> > Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2010 11:18:23 -0600 (CST)
> > 
> > I'd actually love to see some other information exported.  Was it here
> > that I was talking about monitoring for failed zone transfers and the
> > like?
> no, that was over on the IETF DNSEXT mailing list, where folks periodically
> talk about an XML based name server clustering and control protocol.  i do
> not think we should try to export the list of zones and their status via a
> DNS channel (imagine ZONES._DOMAIN AXFR and you'll get my meaning.)  better
> to use DNS for simple things like version numbers, and define something else
> for complex things like statistics and control.

I'd still like to see a flag to indicate problems, which is sort of
what we're talking about.  The difference between "your nameserver is
going to get rooted and fail" and "your zones aren't transferring and
your dns is going to fail" is not that significant from one POV.

> > > this insight leads me to suggest that UPGRADE.BIND (as in your example)
> > > be a TXT RRset containing the URL that the local management system could
> > > use to find version-specific vendor-specific upgrade information.
> > 
> > That'd be nifty, as long as vendors could commit to avoiding allowing
> > the URL's go stale, and yes, I recognize that your suggestion above is
> > a good way to go about that, but I'm a little cynical sometimes.
> vendor quality is outside the scope of the specification.  noone should be
> using software whose vendor has disappeared or who is that flakey.

It's good to see you've still got a sense of humour.

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