[dns-operations] simple measurement

Rickard Dahlstrand rickard.dahlstrand at iis.se
Wed Dec 22 08:06:02 UTC 2010

Hi Randy,

Why not have a look at https://github.com/dotse/dns2db it stores the DNS-packets in an Sqlite-db, then uses a simple webgui to get top resolvers and domains.

The procedure is divided into three step, the first one outputs text-files that you can easily process using grep, sort and perl if you like. The second step outputs an sqlite-db that allows you to process the data with SQL. And finally the third step has a gui that allows you to process. You are free to choose whichever step that suits you.

Let me know if you found if useful or if you have any questions or features-requests.

Kind Regards, Rickard.

22 dec 2010 kl. 07.10 skrev Randy Bush:

> i run a couple of small auth servers.  i measure nothing <blush> other
> than checking query rates occasionally.  i should measure some simple
> things such as high zone use, hi A/MX use and failure.  what simple
> tools/hacks are out there?  i might prefer a simple daily report in
> email, as i have for monitoring a whole bunch of non-dns servers.  but i
> am open to other ideas.
> randy
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