[dns-operations] New subscribers

Ralf Weber dns at fl1ger.de
Tue Dec 21 10:57:34 UTC 2010


On 16.12.2010, at 21:14, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> We could start a round of intros.

Here we go: I'm an internet citizen since 1989 and earn my living since 1994 working for companies that provide internet services to others. During all these years DNS has been part of my job and nowadays it is the primary part of my work at Nominum. Beside that I am on the technical advisory board at DENIC and am a Trusted Community Representatives (Backup Recovery Key Share Holder) for the DNSSEC root key signing. And no I don't hold the key to the internet ;-).

So long
Ralf Weber (Internet Citizen)
e: dns at fl1ger.de

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