[dns-operations] New subscribers

Chris Thompson cet1 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Dec 17 19:17:51 UTC 2010

I suppose we all have to contribute to the noise... :-(

I am lead programmer in the hostmaster group for the University of Cambridge,
England. I am a semi-lurker on the list (i.e. I post occasionally). I joined
it as part of our continuing DNSSEC deployment programme, choosing it as more
relevant in that context than NANOG.

Tony Finch also works for us (as part of our Mail Support group), and posts
to this list, but as he uses a different mail domain to do so maybe he doesn't
want everyone to know that he's actually just down the corridor from me ...

Chris Thompson               University of Cambridge Computing Service,
Email: cet1 at ucs.cam.ac.uk    New Museums Site, Cambridge CB2 3QH,
Phone: +44 1223 334715       United Kingdom.

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