[dns-operations] IPv6 PTR records

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Fri Dec 17 16:15:18 UTC 2010

R.P. Aditya (aditya) writes:
> to elaborate, the real issue isn't hosts with know/static IPs, but those
> who use stateless autoconfiguration (since OS X doesn't support DHCPv6
> yet, that's the lowest common denominator we will be able to start with)
> and move around via wireless (and possibly wired) -- so unless we are
> able to do DHCPv6 we can't guarantee DDNS,

	Oh yeah, forgot to mention that stateless autoconf is not really optimal
	when doing reverse IPv6 :)

> so we're left with
> automatically generating AAAA and PTR records for dynamically addressed
> hosts, and doing that is easy, but it is even easier not to do it

	I concede it's not very helpful to have generic PTR names.

	The way I see it, you'll need to interact in one way or another
	with some form of registration mechanism:
	- either actively (DHCP/DDNS), which does give you the hostname if you
	  trust the client ;
	- or passively (RTSOL sniffing and/or MAC/IP collection, for example
	  using SNMP on the switch forwarding tables), where you'll need to
	  know the MAC address in advance if you want to assign a
	  predetermined/meaningful name ;

	So you're left to either a) trusting the client or b) pre-registering
	MAC addresses.

	I'm not necessarily sure that a) is so much better, if the idea is
	to provide *meaningful* reverse information.


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